About FMS

FMS strives to simplify the complexities of trading to allow traders to generate thoughts from knowledge. Turn their thoughts into actions and through continual practice and refinement, aid them in developing a trading habit that yields profitable trades majority of the time. There are more than 2,000 over students participated and it’s proven that this system is recommendable, trusted and recognized by licensed broker. +

Why Tech. Analysis

Technical analysis will include these two concepts are so called psych (psychology) and supply/demand. Technicians employ many techniques, one of which is the use of charts. Using charts, technical analysts seek to identify price patterns and market trends in financial markets and attempt to exploit those patterns. But why do traders and other market practitioners use technical analysis? It is to attempt to predict future price actions based upon observation of historical prices.

I.B Program

IB program is proven to be a successive method for investors to earn another source of income, other than trading income merely. This program is practiced by most of the brokers all around the world. IB program provides a consistent, passive income for both individuals and institutions. This allows introducing broker to focus entirely on their business and earning pips rebate income. Our IB program is free to join and can prove to be a lucrative business; all you need... +